If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

We are dedicated and committed to providing superior client service and guidance of the highest professional quality to help you succeed.

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At Sher Gelb, we help manage our clients' specialized needs, ensuring and securing their financial health, while closely collaborating with their team of attorneys, managers, agents, and investment advisors, among others, to help them achieve their financial and business goals through our extensive range of services.

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With years of experience in the entertainment, media and sports industries, we are able to help our clients with the preservation and growth of their net worth by supervising their day-to-day financial affairs and business matters. Superstars, rookies and everyone in between. We help manage our client’s specialized needs, helping to ensure and secure their financial health. We work closely and collaborate with our client’s team of attorneys, managers, agents, and investment advisors just to name a few.


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Sole Proprietorship

Our mission


Our success is a result of your success. Without you, there is no us. So yes, we will do everything in our power to help you succeed.


We’re not fortunetellers. But then again, we do try and see your future. That’s why we provide not only solutions for your current needs but foresight to help you reach your long term goals.


At our core, we value relationships above all. Every client partnership we forge is built on loyalty and trust, ensuring a collaborative journey towards shared success.

Quality Service

Quality service is essential for great client relationships and it is this service that allows our clients to concentrate on matters important to them.


We provide an unwavering and solid foundation for our clients’ sustained growth and success, providing them with the support, stability, and expertise they need to thrive.